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โปรโมชั่น สูตรบาคาร่า 2560

"Come make great memories with us!"

Helicopter Adventures

Whether you're in Armidale for half an hour, a day or a week and if you're looking for a mild or wild adventure that you will never forget...

Warbird Adventures

Step back in time to the Golden Age of aviation in one of Fleet Adventure's legendary Warbird Aircraft.


Jet Adventures

With 3800lbs of thrust pushing you into the blue you will experience the thrill of a lifetime in our L39 Albatross Jet.


Learn to Fly

Dreaming about taking control of your own aircraft. Our professional and experienced instructors will help you get your dreams off the ground.


The best fishing is always in the hardest to reach spots and what better way to get there than by helicopter!


Gift Vouchers

Gift vouchers are a great way to introduce your special person to the fun and excitement of aerial adventures.


Fleet Adventures takes it to the world!

Watch as Lachie Onslow; Fleet's Managing Director, wins the Reno Silver Jet Races.

Come make great memories with
Fleet Adventures!

Talk to Fleet Adventures

Talk to us about building a lifetime of memories with Fleet Adventures. Our Warbirds, Helifishing, jet and introductory lessons will have you coming back to see us time and time again.


"Our promise is to give you a ride you'll never forget!"


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